As a language teacher, I learned that it's really important to get students knew each other at first. This can not only help students having conversations but also break the ice easily. Another thing I've learn is that teacher got to know which kind of students he or she is facing, then choose the best teaching way for them. This make students learn faster and easier to adjust what they've learn as well. The last thing I've learn is the importance of communication between students and teacher, teacher is able to know what students have learn or what kind of difficulties they've met; students can give some feed backs to their teacher but also tell teacher what kind of obstacles they are facing on their way learning, This can help both students and teachers to reach the best learning more quickly.

As a student, I need to learn things actively, not just repeat after the teacher or just answer" yes !" Learning is for oursrlves, what teachers can do are only trying to give everything to us. Without our respect or obey, teachers are nothing. As a result, having an open heart for every learning is very important in every kind of classes.


I think we didn't think enough when preparing for the story. We forgot that children at six or seven might not have such english skills to understand every words in the story.However, what teacher showed us really inspired me. I 've learned that we can teach them more words or grammar by asking children the answers or even just repeat after us, I believe that really helps. Moreover, I think it will be a challenge to make ourselves be just like children, such as doing some weird movements or something like that. It is important but not everyone can be such open.


It isn't easy to prepare a lesson, it's a problem if the teacher didn't prepare enough; it's another problem if the teacher prepare a lesson or even a chapter too enough. It seems that we all need to learn more when preparing for lessons, although I haven't done that yet. It's a good chance to see how classmates tach different things to students, because we can learn their advantages and remember; we can beware of the wrong things they've done and be cautious. Another great chance to learn is that students disgust together what can we do to make the lesson better? How can we do to make students adjust these knowledges better? I truly learn a lot in todays class.


We had discussed about how to teach junior high school students our own article today. I had to say that this is not easy because I had totally forgot how well my english were when in junior high. As a result, we tend not to teach them too hard and even not asking students to discuss in english. It was not until today that I truly realized how troublesome it is for teachers to prepare lessons. I will alwats remember what teacher said today: be sure not to spend too much time on such a tiny article, you will be exhausted if you prepare every lesson with so much energy. I believe it need experience, personal ability and of course, practice to prepare a helpful lesson for students in short time. I think our group had discussed some great idea on our teaching and I believe it can be done in trully classes, I hope that students can learn things from our teaching too. Today we did a great practice and get a wonderful experience,