Demo teaching:

Form a group. There will be 6 groups. Each group will design a lesson and teach 25 minutes of it. Then we will have some time for feedback and discussion.

Your group should decide on the level that you want to teach and the material that you want to teach. Try to keep this as close to the material that you would use in the real teaching position that you hope to get in the future.

So if you are going to teach in high school, decide if you are going to use a locally published and approved textbook, or some alternative material such as an English learning magazine, or a textbook published internationally.

After you have chosen a level and teaching material, design a lesson plan for the ENTIRE class period (50 minutes). However, you will only teach 25 minutes of the lesson in class.

You should bring the following to class on the day of your presentation:

  • Lesson plan (1 copy for me and each of your classmates in the other groups).
  • Copy of the original textbook or alternative material you will teach (1 copy for me and each of your classmates in the other groups).
  • Copy of any handouts or supplemental material that you use to adapt the original (1 copy for me and your classmates)

After you finish your demo teaching you should write a summary/reflection of your experience and post it to your wiki page.

Sign up below with your team, time slot, and level.

December 31:

9-10: Renee & Sam

10-11: Lily & Zhuan Xin & Veronica (Senior High First Year students)

link to the clip of The Phantom of the Opera:

11-12: Mandy & Paulus

January 7:

9-10: Wendy & Alice

10-11:Teresa & Charlene

11-12:Oscar & Angel