9.17 Reflection

As a Language Teacher
As a pre-language teacher, I learn the importance of community building
within the classroom in today's class.Community building facilitates the relationship
not only between teachers and students but students and students as well.Through
the "Find Some Who" and "Football Wave Game," students start to know each other,
memorize othes' names and try to build the connection with their classmates. This
is the first step for all teachers to do. Also, according to students' levels of English,
teacher can adjust the difficulty of the activities. Finally, after today's class, students
have to reflect what they have leanred and done, which also enables student to cultivate
self-awareness to learning rather than sitting on the chairs without thinking.

As a Language Learner
As a language learner, today I found it hard to explain the rules of "Football
Wave Game" to my classmates.I quickly comprehend the text words but when
it comes to deliver an explanation, I found few words to describe the rules, to
make it more understood by my classmates. However, I think maybe it is just
lack of practice.The other thining I learn today is the English teaching history
that have not finish this week so I'm looking forward to it.

9.24 Reflection

As a Language Teacher
Firstly,I really like the "Moon and Sun Activity" which split students into smaller
and smaller groups. The activity provides Ss with opportunities to practice speaking
skill(explanation) to their classmates and finding someone who has the same
preference like me is also surprising and interesting. I will put it into practice in the
future. Today the mainly course centers on the history of English teaching, including
many academic theories(behaviorism, cognitivism) and demonstration and iinstruction
of different methods.Series Method are easily understood by S while the sentence
patterns are too simple. The Direct Method conveys the meaning directly to Ss and
focuses on real communication.TPR and Natural Aooroach allows Ss to be silent
after their inner ability matures. Teachers using ALM are for the purpose of training
Ss' oral skills rather than the real understanding of the language.A method contains
both strengths and weakness. As a teacher, I think we cannot apply solely one
method to the class but rather evaluate the class first and then think up a best
way to fit the class.This may be the reason why we have to understand the theories
and methods of English.

As a Language Learner
After learning the history of English Teaching, I start to recall my history of
learning English. Most of the English teachers in the English classes I took
use the Grammar Transaltion Method, especially in junior high school. During
that time, I felt extremely boring about the class. We did vocabulary memorization,
deductive grammar exercise, and endless quizzes and tests. Students in the class
are not interesting in learning English but consider English as a subject of test.
Untill now, I am still deeply convinced that some teachers in Taiwan still adopt
the method due to its convenience and seemingly effectiveness. As a student,
I hope my teacher can teach not only the knowledge of English such as grammar
or phrases and vocabulary but also add more English activites that are useful
and practical in the future.

10.1 Reflection
We learn a lot of terms about TESOL today, including ZPD, EFL ESL, Multiple Intelligence,
and etc.There are many theories and methods from different perspective of academic schools.
Although most of them are interesting to me, it is still difficult to memorize all of them.
My favorite part is about the error correction to students. When students make errors, it not
efficient and effective to correct it immediately. Instead, the teachers have to gradually
elicit the right answers from children; therefore students will be aware of the errors in the

In addition, I totally agree that giving external prizes such as candies, gold stars to
children when they are learning a language is not an appropriate way. Children will
depend on the extrinsic motivation to learn and also causes the serious competetiveness
within the classroom.

10.8 Reflection

The warm-up for this week is a sweet activity. Ss write down the praising sentences
to the classmate sitting next to them and later pass and read the sentences they wrote to
their receivers. The activity firstly relaxes the nervous atmosphere in the class because
most of Ss feel delightful to be praised. Secondly Ss can find out their strengths from
others feedback and build up the positive self-esteem.

The main topic of this week is about how to teach children by story-telling. Since
children's attention span is shorter, teacher have to attract their attention and
at the same time let children understand the meaning of the story. Therefore,
body language, vocal variety, physical activities, vocabulary introduction,
translations into mother tongue plays important parts in teaching children English.

10.23 Reflection

I gradually understand how to apply theory into classroom practice, especially when
today Michael refers to MI theory in Sam's teaching. There are various students posessing
personal preference toward learning. A little change of the presentation will hugely
influence Ss' comprehension. Also, a teacher should not spend too much time on preparing
time-consuming material, for one day the energy will burn out without achieving any
goals. Instead, the teaching must be changeable and flexible, depending on the real situation
and then quickly meet Ss' needs.
As a college student, I like the technique of graduated prompts. Since one of the learning
goals in college is to cultivate critical thinking, graduated prompts provide opportunities for Ss
to try, to interchange ideas, and to negotiate with the teachers. Interacting with teachers usually
help Ss learn more about what they originally can. Unfortunately, when in high school,
we are accustomed to the one-way instruction from the teacher. Therefore, when we go to
a higher education, it is still tough for us to build personal constructive opinions.

10.30 Reflection

I am impressed with Alice's demonstration in today's class. I think she has been already
professional in teaching children English! Firstly, she changes her speech tone to make children
understood the "modified input." Following the easy and understandable instruction, children
easily catch up the meaning of past tense. Secondly, the activity "who is the thief" initiate
the interaction between students, which inspires all the students to join and find out who is the
thief. We can notice that Alice does not directly point out who is the thief. Instead, she circulates
around, again asks each student to practice the sentence pattern, and then finally catch the thieves
with students. During the whole teaching and learning process, she centers on not merely input but
out from students as well. Lastly, I also appreciate Michael rearrange the way of student talk, which
is much more controlled but did not lose the opportunities for interaction.

It is glad and exciting to see many demonstrations from my classmates. During their demonstrations,
I know what I still have to improve and how to improve.

11.5 Reflection

I have also watched the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button before and also remembered the
scenes Michael shows us but I never consider that I can use it as the third-conditional teaching
material.It's really cool! If my English teacher in high school had taken advantages of the similar teaching
method, I could not have forgot any grammatical rules of it! Today's lesson tells us that as a teacher, we should
be aware of the real-life, authentic material surrounding us. The script of the movie is a good example.
The students firstly are interested in watching the popular movie, trying to figure out the meaning of the
script, and also learning the foreign culture in a particular context. After today's class, I might start to collect
the teaching material from the newspaper, magazines, advertising, or some clip of movies, which are
effective and efficient to my teaching in the future.

11.12 Reflection
This week we have to bring up a reading text, discussing how to teach reading. After finishing
reading all my partners' texts that are all centered on high school students, we determine to adopt Sam's
article, "Polar Bears Turning to Goose Eggs to Survive Warming?" an excerpt from National Gerography
Magazine. At first, we just recall the traditional way of teaching reading in high school ;that is, teaching
vocabulary, explaining grammar in the text, and lastly practicing sentence pattern. To get rid of the monotonous
teaching style, we are required to come up with some new and novel teaching which can enhance student's motivation
and interest and at the same time achieve the goal of meaningful learning and interactitve communication.
Therefore, we take advantage of several techniques such as ask students to make up their own title after reading the
text, make good use of flowchart providing both visual and lodical input. Eventually students have to do the roleplay
about standing on different points of view from different animals. Compared to the traditional way of reading, I think
it is really a interesting way to teach reading.

11.26 Revised Plan-Canvassing

Book : Advanced Communication Game
Author: Jill Hadfield
Class Level: Intermediate level in senior high school,
Student Number:about 35
Type of activity: whole class, combining
Functional purposes: argument and persuasion
Sentence patterns for practice:
I think/believe that.../In my opinion.../It's obvious that.../ You must agree that...
We could like to .../ It should be.../It will be...
How to use the game:
Teacher's work:
1.explain the meaning of "canvassing"
2. pass the copies of candidates' manisfesto
3. explain the vocabulary and sentences in the paper
4. choose three articulate candidates
5. explain how to play the game
6. Teach some skills of asking for repeating such as, pardon, excuse me
revised policy:
Student's Work:
1. circulate around the classroom and listen and write down the candidates' policies.
2. Once one student decide to be one of the followers of one candidate, the student has to persuade other students.
3. Before persuading other students, the student should write down his opinions.
4. Finally the largest group wins the contest.

12.10 Reflection- Word List

This week I learn how to take advantage of the word list that are on the back of the textbook. Usually when I teach my tutor student,
I only use it as a review tool and force my student to memorize those words as more as possible. However, I find that in fact I did not
concern for their feelings or opinions to each word nor do I spare some time to come up with a more meaningful methods to review.
I like the activity called word auction, where students have the choice to buy their favorite words in the auction through more interaction
with the teacher. Although the activity is perfectly communicative, interactive, and feasible, we should still devise the specific steps
in order to increase their output and this is the most important. Professor suggests us ask students to produce a sentence if they
want to purchase a word or talk about their reason why they want it rather than keep buying words without saying anything.
I think any activity is feasible if we can take those theories like MI Theory, Student Talk Time, Out Hypothesis into consideration and
try to elicit more response from sudents.