2010 Activity Design for Teaching English

The goal of the course is to prepare students to teach English or another language by providing practical, hands-on experience in designing and teaching classroom language learning activities.

To accomplish this goal, students will first learn about some of the highlights in the history of English language learning and teaching. From this historical overview, we will be able to determine key principles that we should be aware of when we are teaching in the classroom.

Next, we will observe videos of actual classroom language teaching to discuss the roles of the teacher and students within the classroom. In addition, we will discuss planning a lesson and managing a classroom.

Finally, we will learn about and practice teaching activities that can be used for teaching: Listening, Pronunciation, Grammar, Vocabulary, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.


Your Wiki Pages

Fall Semester 2010

September 17: Introduction, History of Language Learning and Teaching

Read chapter 4 in our textbook: How to Teach English. (It is available in the campus bookstore.)
Join the wiki.
Make your own wiki page and write a reflection about today's lesson. Express your thoughts from the perspective of a language teacher and language learner.

September 24: History of Language Learning and Teaching

Meet in room 340309 today and for the rest of the semester

Read Chapter 1: Learners and Chapter 2: Teachers
Presentation Opportunities: Multiple Intelligences, Motivation, EFL-ESL, NLP, Learner Autonomy

October 1: A Look inside the Classroom 1

Homework: Read Chapter 3: Managing the Classroom
Read ready to share about what you thought was interesting in chapters 2 and 3
Present your Goldilocks and the Three Bears lesson to the class.
Remember to do your reflection on what you learned in class today also.

October 8: A Look inside the Classroom 2

Compliments Warm-up
Three Bears teaching Demo
Language Learner Strategies

Make sure you catch up on your reflections.
Read Chapter 6: Teaching the Language System

October 15: Teaching the Language System

The homework this week has been split among you. Check the October 15 wiki page and select which assignments you will do.

October 22: Teaching the Language System; Review

Study Questions:

Write your reflections
Finish prepping your teaching activities if you didn't present on Oct 22.
Prepare for the quiz
Read Chapter 7: Teaching Reading

October 29:Quiz;Teaching Reading


Read Chapter 8: Teaching Writing

November 5: Teaching Writing


Read Chapter 9: Teaching Speaking

November 12: Teaching Speaking

Remember to bring in a reading passage appropriate to the level you want to teach.

Keep up with your reflections.
Next week we will talk about Teaching Writing and Teaching Speaking.
Read those chapters in the text book.
Think about this case: I was walking down the street a few days ago when I passed by a local language school where the teacher was reciting sentences followed by the students repeating the sentences. How can we make this more challenging? How can we get the students to think more when they are doing an activity like this?

November 19: Teaching Listening

Read Chapter 10: Teaching Listening
Read Chapter 11: Using Coursebooks

Prepare a speaking activity using the textbooks you picked in class.
You don't have to demo teach the activity.
Just explain how you will teach it.
Please make a copy of the activity from the book for each of your classmates.

November 26: Teaching Speaking and Teaching Listening

Presentations of your speaking activities.
Present your speaking activity to your classmates. You won't demo teach the activity, but just explain how you will teach the activity.

Include answers to these questions:
What is the purpose of the activity? (What should the students learn to do?)
Why did you picked the activity?
What did you modify or add to the activity?
How will you teach the activity in a class?

Write up your presentation of your speaking activity and post it on the Nov 26 wiki page.
Read Chapter 12:Planning Lessons

Sorry guys, I thought that I had written this up earlier, but found that it didn't save properly.

December 3: Listening/Using Coursebooks

Discuss Listening Chapter
Discuss Using Coursebooks Chapter

Groups show how they will adapt the 3 sample textbook pages from Chapter 11

Read Chapter 12: Planning Lessons
Keep up with writing your reflections. Make sure to add your thoughts about your groups adaptation of the sample textbook pages.

Prepare Exercise B on pages 220-221. We will discuss how we might adapt this page for class.

Look at the handouts from the Jr High and Sr High textbooks. What are the strengths and weaknesses of these chapters.
Then look at the handout of the readings and dialogs from the textbooks: How would you teach them?

December 10: Using Coursebooks/Planning Lessons

Keep up with your reflections.

Next week we will continue discussing how to adapt the exercise on pages 220-221.
In addition we will adapt the pages from the Jr and Sr High text books.
Evaluate the lesson plan on page 224.

December 17: Review/Planning Lessons

Adapt the textbook sample on page 221.
Adapt Jr High or Sr High textbook page.
Evaluate the lesson plan on page 224.

Form groups for demo teaching.

December 24: Group work/Demo Prep

I cannot attend class today, but please come to class and prepare for your demonstrations with your partners and the other groups. Help each other, practice, brainstorm whatever.

December 31: Student Demonstrations

Work in groups of 2 people to plan out 25 minute lesson plans.

January 7: Student Demonstrations